Surprisingly Dangerous Wildlife Prowling Near Your Home in New Jersey

Dangerous Wildlife Animals Lurking In NJ Neighborhoods That You Need To Be Aware Of

Dangerous wildlife in New Jersey roaming residential and commercial properties causes a safety concern that needs immediate attention. For homeowners, keeping family and pets safe is the primary concern, and so is protecting your home from damage caused by wild critters. 

It’s best not to attempt measures on your own. Leave the hazardous animal removal up to New Jersey certified wildlife control experts.

If you are experiencing issues with wildlife animals such as bears, deer, coyotes or bobcats, contact the NJ Division of Wildlife.

NJ Pest Control specializes in the safe removal and prevention of dangerous animals such as raccoons, bats and more. from roaming near or in your premises.

Dangerous Wildlife in New Jersey Wreak Havoc to Homeowners and Commercial Properties

While most dangerous animals in New Jersey prefer to stay away from humans, there are times when they become accustomed to our presence. They can weasel their way into our homes while posing a hazard to our health and well-being. Not to mention that wild animals can infest our homes and businesses with disease and cause extensive damage if left unnoticed.

Prevention is a crucial measure to keep your premises safe. NJ Pest Control provides thorough evaluations and inspections of over 30 entry points while looking for target invaders. 

Dangerous Animals in New Jersey You Need To Be Aware Of

We may be unaware of potential nuisance animals around our home, especially when they’re nocturnal, so it’s essential to be more aware of our surroundings. Expert pest control services ensure the eviction of unwanted animals by detecting their movements. Furthermore, wildlife control experts seal and wildlife-proof the premises, preventing animal invasion for years.

Common types of dangerous animals in New Jersey include:

  • Black bears
  • White-tailed deer
  • Snakes
  • Raccoons
  • Coyotes
  • Bobcats
  • Bats

Some animals mentioned above are especially dangerous if they’re rabid. New Jersey is home to 22 species of snakes including the timber rattlesnake and copperhead, which are both classified as venomous

Seeing a wild animal on your property or in your home is a shocking experience and you need to know how to respond safely. Taking the time to recognize potential threats from wildlife will help you and your household stay safe.

How To Make Your Property Safe From Dangerous Wildlife

By not creating an inviting environment for dangerous wildlife, you can help prevent unwanted animals from being in or around your premises. Tips to prevent animals from invading your space include:

  • Don’t feed wild animals like they are a pet.
  • Remove bird feeders that attract raccoons and bears.
  • Keep garbage out of reach of wildlife.
  • Don’t leave water out for pets or birds.
  • Trim tree branches that hover over areas of your home or business.
  • Seal any openings to your premises where small animals can enter.

Sometimes though, our efforts aren’t enough, and we need help from professionals. NJ Pest Control is certified with QualityPro for a commitment to environmentally friendly removal and prevention of dangerous wildlife in New Jersey. Contact NJ Pest Control to schedule a quick estimate for safe and effective wildlife management for home and commercial properties.