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Chester is a quaint town in Morris County, New Jersey, with a population of about 7,800. It has various parks, farms and the popular streets of the Chester shopping center. With many homes, parks, farms and retail shopping, the town undoubtedly needs Chester, NJ exterminator and pest control services.

Pests can cause property damage, spread diseases, and pose health risks to humans and pets, so having a Chester exterminator you can trust to provide affordable and efficient extermination and removal of uninvited pests is vital.

Why Choose NJ Pest Control For Your Chester NJ Exterminator Services

Residential Pest Control Services

At NJ Pest Control, our Chester NJ exterminator technicians comprise a highly knowledgeable and experienced team that continues their pest control training to stay up with the latest exterminator technologies in the industry. Below is a brief list of what is involved with residential Chester exterminator services.

  • Thorough inspection.
  • Proper identification of pest problems.
  • Extermination using the correct method depending on the pest, such as baiting, trapping or safe insecticides.
  • Prevention techniques are done. Examples are sealing entry points and applying exclusion methods. In addition, we discuss proper sanitation practices.
  • Ongoing maintenance services can be scheduled to meet each homeowner’s needs and budget.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Commercial properties, such as offices, restaurants, and retail stores, require different exterminator and pest control services than residential properties. In addition, as each business type is different, each may deal with various pest problems. At NJ Pest Control, we consider business types, pests present and level of infestation.

Below is a brief outline of our commercial Chester NJ exterminator services.

  • Thorough assessment and identification of pests.
  • After efficient pest removal services, our pest exclusion services identify and seal all entry points, such as filling gaps around doors, and windows, sealing cracks in walls and floors and more.
  • Prevention with adequate sanitization is critical to prevent pest infestations, as residential and commercial owners must know how to clean regularly, store food adequately and know appropriate waste management and disposal.
  • Pest monitoring is vital for commercial businesses as a single pest problem can become an infestation quickly, resulting in business loss, especially if a happy family dining in your restaurant finds a bug in their food. Surely they will not want to return as you must consider what they may post on social media.

Industrial Pest Control Services

Industrial properties, such as factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants, require specialized pest control services. These services include but are not limited to.

  • We use an integrated pest management approach to control pests in industrial properties. This approach involves identifying the source of the infestation, eliminating it, and implementing preventive measures.
  • Structural pest management is vital as we inspect the property to identify structural weaknesses that pests can exploit. This may include cracks in walls and floors, damaged doors and windows, and improperly sealed entry points.
  • Pest exclusion methods are installed based on the pest problem keep-out requirements.

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