Certified Wildlife Control Professional (CWCP)

Randolph, NJ • January 27, 2018 – The National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) is pleased to announce that Russell Sieb has earned the designation as Certified Wildlife Control Professional (CWCP). Russ has demonstrated in-depth knowledge of various aspects of nuisance wildlife control and passed a rigorous eligibility and application process.

“Becoming a CWCP was important to me because I strive to offer consumers the best service possible and with integrity,” said Russell Sieb. “This designation offers consumers solid proof of our willingness to go above and beyond.” Russ, a Gulf War Navy Veteran, has built his company on pride, ethics, and honesty.

The National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA), a nonprofit, professional trade association devoted to the professional development and advocacy of the Wildlife Damage Management Industry through both classroom and on-hands training.  The CWCP program measures the knowledge of professionals in various areas of nuisance wildlife control, such as zoonotic diseases, biology and habits, exclusion techniques, and safety procedures. The CWCP must ascribe to a code of ethics that focus on Competence, Integrity, and Service.

CWCP is the mark of excellence in nuisance wildlife management. This certification program is increasing the professionalism of the industry through self-regulation; stimulating consumer demand through increased confidence and a higher public perception of industry professionalism, and providing marketing opportunities to participating companies by recognizing commitment to excellence and higher performance standards. For more information, visit http://www.nwcoa.org

Russell Sieb, NJ Pest, is one of two pest control/wildlife control companies in the state of New Jersey with a CWCP on staff. For more information about how we can serve you better, contact Russell Sieb at 877-4NJ-PEST (465-7378).