Beware! Attic Restoration Does Not Solve Pest Infestation Problems


Being that everyone is home and some have begun spring-cleaning, you may have noticed that things look out of place in the attic and things don’t seem right. The insulation is discolored, there is a funny smell? Something doesn’t seem right. And now that you think about it, the roof is old and should really be replaced.

Ok, so what’s the first step? Call a roofing company? Maybe an attic restoration company, to replace the insulation? These may seem like good ideas but what if an animal caused the damaged?

Here’s the thing. Even if you get a new roof and an animal that did the original damage was never properly removed, it will create a whole host of new problems to occur. This article will inform you about why you really need to consider hiring pest control services before you begin to restore your attic. Keep reading to learn more!

Attic Restoration Before Pest Control = More Problems

It’s really common sense when you think about it. If you haven’t gotten rid of the animals in your attic before restoring it, by a qualified company, you can guarantee that they will be back for round 2 and then some.

Furthermore, those companies that do attic restoration do not have the means to take care of animals and they don’t specialize in it. That means when they attempt to remove or exclude the animal they often use the wrong materials. This allows the animal to re-enter and the damage will re-occur. They are often putting a Band-Aid on the problem and solving the problem.

You’ll Be Spending More Money

As long as the animals go unchecked and allowed to remain in the attic, you can expect to spend a lot of unnecessary cash – and not just on the attic itself. Most of the time the attic doesn’t need a full restoration.

Animals seem to be fixated with your attic and are making it their home as well. Given enough time, they can gnaw and damage wood beams, damage to your stored belongings, and even chew through any electrical wiring you may have. The worst part? You’ll end up paying for all of the damages out of pocket, since most insurance companies do not cover damage caused by small animals.

We Take Care of Your Pest and Animal Problems

Now that you know why you want to get rid of those pesky pests before your attic restoration, you’ll want to know who to call on in order to have the situation taken care of at the right price. We can help you to do just that.

At NJ Pest Control, we offer our professional pest removal services to all who need a hand. We specialize in both residential and commercial pest control, as well as nuisance wildlife control, predator control, real estate inspections, and more.

Ready to get started on your pest removal? Simply give us a call or send us a message, and we’ll be more than happy to get in touch with you. We’ll make sure to take care of your pest control needs!