Animal In Garage Eating Garbage, What To Do?

What Animal Is in My Garage Damaging My Garbage Bags?

You wake up one morning and head to your garage to start your day. Thinking everything is fine, you cannot believe what you see. Your trash bags or cans are sprawled out on the floor, and there is trash everywhere.

You gingerly head over to the damage to get a closer look. You notice some gnaw marks on the lids and droppings nearby. You think to yourself, “What animal is in my garage?”

While you are unhappy about what you see, you know there must be some things you can do to prevent this from happening in the future. Curious to know what you can do?

You’re in luck as we’ve cultivated this guide to get to know these hungry little scavengers of the night. Keep reading to understand the clues and best practices for limiting animals’ chances of getting into trash cans.

What Animal Is in My Garage?

The most likely culprits are raccoons. These bandits are nocturnal and will do any means necessary to raid your garage for a midnight snack. Their jaws and claws will cut through your trash lids to find the food they are after.

Opossums are another likely candidate to make their way into your garage. Skunks, mice, and rats are also nocturnal, so they could also be the culprit.

If you have the same problem during the day, it can be chipmunks and squirrels since they are most active in the daylight hours.

And as for additional clues as to what this critter may be, the larger animal will cause a bigger mess, while a smaller rodent will leave gnaw marks. You may also want to check other areas of your garage since these wildlife critters will bring their meal to another nesting spot that is a warm place for them to rest.

Handling the situation with care is crucial. Of course, a professional team is always recommended to service your needs.

Animal In Garage Eating Garbage What To Do

How To Keep Animals Out of Trash

Rest assured, there are ways to keep animals out of garbage.

One method is spraying ammonia on your lids or trash bags. This strong smell will deter animals from engaging with your garbage. You can even clean your entire trashcans with ammonia for maximum protection.

In addition, here are some additional tips and tricks to use to get rid of those pesky pests.

  • Put your garbage on the curb the day of pickup service (not before)
  • Clean your cans regularly and thoroughly
  • Use a bungee cord or weight to secure lids in place
  • Get a strong motion-sensor light to scare those nocturnal beasts away
  • Leave your garage door open a bit so the critter has a way out

Animal In Garage? Say Goodbye

Consider the options listed above and you’ll likely see a behavior change. Hopefully, you will no longer wake up to a filthy mess!

However, now that you have tried to say goodbye to these unwanted critters for good, you may find it is not as easy as you have thought. The litter critters just will not leave! And perhaps, they have left, but they can return. The situation is now not just about the removal; it’s about control and prevention as well.

At NJ Pest Control, we know how scary it can be when an unwanted intruder enters your space. The fear of getting into your car in the garage and finding the nasty little animal by your side can be unsettling. Please do not fret; you are in safe hands when you contact us. Our team will be quick to respond and take the necessary actions to safely and effectively remove the critter.