7 Tips for Preventing Lyme Disease

Tips and Tricks for Preventing Lyme Disease

With the warm weather almost upon us once again, it’s a good time to think about spring and summer-borne illnesses.

One of the more common – and potentially severe – sicknesses is Lyme disease. A bacterial infection, Lyme disease, is carried on ticks: small insects that infest wooded areas and grassy fields. These ticks will attach themselves to any animal that passes through the area, be it a mouse, deer, dog or person.

There are two main types of ticks: the large dog-tick and the minuscule black-tick (also known as deer ticks). However, only the latter carries the bacteria causing Lyme disease. Therefore, the best method to prevent Lyme disease is to avoid a bite.

The following are seven simple tips and tricks that can help protect both you, your family and pets from these infection-causing pests:

1. Avoid tall grassy fields and high woodland underbrush

Tall grasslands and underbrush (knee-height or higher) can often become breeding grounds for deer ticks and animal hosts. If you can avoid walking through these areas, especially for long periods, you will lower the chances of picking up deer ticks.

2. Cover up

The weather may be warm outside, but covering up exposed skin is excellent to avoid deer ticks. When hiking or in a grassy area, long pants, shirts and socks with sneakers will help prevent them from getting on your skin and attaching to it.

3. Wear light-colored clothing

Light-colored clothing allows you to spot ticks easier than when on darker color clothing.

4. Apply insect repellant

While this tip may seem obvious, applying small amounts of insect repellant along exposed legs and arms can decrease the likelihood of ticks attaching themselves to you. Be sure to note whether or not your insect repellant works against ticks, as not all brands do! And many of these are not healthy as well.

5. Watch Your pets

If you have a cat or dog, try to keep them away from woodlands or high grass, as these pets can attract deer ticks and bring them inside your home. However, if you have a pet that often goes anywhere outside, be sure to continuously check them for ticks. Checking pets for ticks can be accomplished by lightly running your hands through their fur and feeling for scabs or small raised bumps.

6. Check yourself

When coming inside after an afternoon outdoors, it’s wise to check your own body for ticks. Ticks are often found crawling on clothing, arms, legs, neck and scalp. In addition, ticks like warm crevices, therefore, can sometimes be found underarms, behind knees, and along the groin.

7. Hire a Pest Control Company

As mentioned, ticks are found in tall grass and wooded areas; however, this in no way means they are not found in our backyards with short grass, on our patios, around our pools and the other areas.

Do you have small children who play outdoors? And what about yourself, family, friends and pets who will also be enjoying your yard. Whether for a big party or merely to relax with a cocktail in hand, you will be providing the utmost protection by hiring a professional pest control company.

7 Tips For Preventing Lyme Disease

A professional pest control company will offer safe protection for all, including the environment. Contact NJ Pest Control today; better to be safe than sorry. 

Do You Fear You May Already have lyme disease?

If you fear you may have already contracted Lyme disease, a small list of symptoms often herald the onset of the illness. While these symptoms are not present in everyone, they include headaches, fatigue, fever, and joint aches. In addition, if a deer tick recently bit you, you can watch the bite for signs of infection.

If the bite mark develops into an itchy rash that appears in a “bulls-eye” pattern, then it is highly likely you have contracted the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. See a doctor and describe your symptoms. A doctor will provide the required testing. If you have Lyme disease, antibiotics are often prescribed for the infection, especially when treated early on.