5 Ways to Keep Spiders out of Your Home

Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home

Although most spiders are virtually harmless to humans, many people don’t like the idea of spiders scurrying about their home. It’s often resigned to an inevitability that spiders will get into a house one way or the other, but it doesn’t have to be accepted. In fact, there are many ways in which one can keep spiders out of their home. Here are five such ways to keep spiders out of your home:

1. Check for any openings

Is there a gap under your door? A hole in the screen of your screen door? A window that’s always callously left open? These are all entrances that spiders use to get into your home. If you want to keep spiders out of your home, you should check for any openings around your home. You should focus most of your efforts in this regard on checking around your windows and doors.

2. Keep windows and doors closed as much as possible

Spiders can be crafty and swift – just a few seconds is all that a spider needs to sneak its way into your home. If you want to leave a window open, it’s advisable to check the area around the window first to make sure that there are no spiders or spider webs around. Alternatively, you can also install a screen to cover your windows.

3. Start growing some mint plants indoors

Growing mint plants is a great way to keep spiders at bay. Mint plants will work best if grown near possible points of entry. These plants are especially effective and grow much better if placed on a window sill. Spiders tend not to like mint and try their best to stay away from the plant. Alternatively, using air fresheners or incense scented with mint may be an alternative to growing the actual plant.

4. Get a pet

Although keeping spiders out of your house in the first place is the most effective solution, getting a pet may help in the rare instances that a spider does manage to enter your home. Pets, especially cats, are great at catching spiders once they’re in your house. If you want to reduce your risk of seeing a spider in your home, a pet is a great addition.

5. Use peppermint oil

If you desperately need to keep spiders out of your house, peppermint oil will do the trick. This oil is very strong and small insects such as spiders can’t stand it. Spraying some of this oil regularly around potential entry points will help to repel any spiders that may try to enter. As an added bonus, peppermint oil is effective at keeping out many other pests as well. However, it would be best if you were careful as this oil can be toxic to any pets you may have.

Spiders may be crafty, but these tips should help you keep spiders out of your home. It’s not necessary to simply accept the inevitability of your home being invaded by these eight-legged pests. Whether you suffer from arachnophobia or simply don’t want spiders in your home, you have the power to keep them out.

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