5 Plants That Repel Bugs

Take a Look At These Plants That Repel Bugs

The holiday season is past us, and we are into a new year. It seems as each year goes by faster and faster the older we get. So, before you know it, spring will be here. It will be time to put away the warm fuzzy pj’s and coats and bring out the bright cotton T’s and pants to enjoy the outdoors to its fullest. Have you been to the nearest Home Depot or Lowes? They are getting ready, too; the plants and all the outdoor gadgets are starting to arrive.

We all look forward to being outdoors when the weather is simply wonderful, warm and sunny; unfortunately, the unexpected and unwanted happens. It always seems to worsen when we have planned that special backyard gathering and our family and friends have arrived. Yikes, the bugs have too!

Since you will be getting ready to do your outdoor plantings, we would like to tell you about a few flowers, herbs and plants to add to your garden to help keep bugs away. The excellent news is bugs do not like these five particular flowers and plants.


Marigolds are known for repelling insects; however, those that have a distinct pungent scent must be used to work as a bug repellant.

Research has shown that marigolds’ roots produce toxic chemicals. When marigolds are planted around cherry tomatoes, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, lettuce, corn and roses, these toxic chemicals deter root-knot nematodes. Nematodes are plant parasites often referred to as roundworms that live in the soil and feed on various plant roots damaging the roots, stems, foliage and flowers.

As marigolds can protect our plants and vegetable gardens, they are also known to keep plant lice, mosquitoes and even rabbits away.

5 Plants That Repel Bugs, Marigolds


Basil is more than just a terrific flavor to use in cooking. Because of its pungent scent, it is also an excellent repellent to keep away houseflies and mosquitos. And what is even better, basil is a natural way to keep those pesky and annoying little bugs away.

Basil has four volatile compounds that interrupt the mosquitos heat and carbon dioxide sensors. This interruption of their sensors reduces their ability to sense food, and they become confused and irritated, forcing them to leave to get back to their normal senses.

5 Plants That Repel Bugs, Basil


In European folklore, garlic was used to ward off the “evil eye.” Garlic was believed to keep werewolves, devils and vampires away.

So, in addition to repelling vampires, werewolves and devils in the past, garlic is known for deterring certain pests in today’s day.

There are two ways to keep certain pests away. The first is to plant garlic around plants, and the second is to make a garlic spray. Dilute garlic concentrate with 2 1/2 cups water, put into spray bottle and spray. Use right away as the mixture will lose its potency over time.

Garlic plants and sprays will help eliminate Japanese beetles, fruit tree borers, spider mites, weevils and codling moths. They will also keep aphids out of your roses.

5 Plants That Repel Bugs, Garlic


For centuries lavender has been used been used in homes and clothes drawers. It’s a sweet and pleasant scent that many people like. It is widely used as a stress reducer and to help people sleep. As it calms and comforts us, it chases flies, fleas, mosquitos, moths and ticks away.

Lavender oil contains a non-toxic compound called linalool, found in many pest control products. It is natural and non-toxic, making it a safe oil deterrent to keep mosquitos and ticks from biting.

As a bonus, lavender is an anti-inflammatory agent that will help relieve the itchiness and discomfort of bug bites.

5 Plants That Repel Bugs, Lavendar


Chrysanthemums, mums for short, are commonly used by gardeners. They naturally produce the chemical pyrethrin, a neurotoxin that kills insects but is not harmful to birds and mammals. However, pests like ants, aphids, ticks, bed bugs, silverfish and roaches do not like chrysanthemums. So, plant a few mums around your garden, and you can avoid being plagued by bugs.

5 Plants That Repel Blugs, Chrysanthemums

Choosing The Right Plants That Repel Bugs

While these plants can be a big help to keep bugs away, unfortunately, there are times they may not. If you find that the pesky little bugs such as mosquitos and ticks will not go away, contact NJ Pest Control to get rid of them. We want to help keep you, your family, guests and pets safe from nasty bites which can put all at risk.

Let us help you right away. We can set up a one-time treatment or a maintenance plan so that you will be safe when the spring is here and will continue to be so throughout the summer, fall, and winter.